Access Audits

Set yourself up for success with smarter accessibiltiy audits powered by hard data.

Partner with the Experts

Our specialists complete accessibility audits by evaluating the accessibility and compliance level of your website or application and developing a clear remediation strategy. We use our cutting-edge technology to create more efficient, smarter accessibility audits that are tailored around your data and the structure of your site. This way we can offer comprehensive testing that gives you the best picture of your system’s accessibility and compliance level.

We perform comprehensive manual testing using a variety of methods, including functional testing by users with disabilities using leading assistive technology. This way we can find all the different issues that end users could encounter when looking to accomplish key tasks or navigate through your system.


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Audit Features

Tailored to Your Needs

We blend our accessibility expertise with your knowledge of your system and your needs. Level Access offers a more flexible approach that takes into account the unique aspects of your system.

Don’t Settle for a Data Dump

Our accessibility audit process is entirely geared towards leaving your team in an actionable position. With our reports and delivery sessions you can see what matters, understand the critical facts right away, and then get to code-level information as needed.

See the Bigger Picture

We can help you determine where to go next based on the results of your accessibility audit – and we have the best software, consultants, and teachers to make sure you get there.

A Safeguard for Your Site

Once you’ve audited your system once and resolved issues to reach compliance with accessibility standards, the last thing you want is for your hard work to come undone. Install Access Analytics to keep a close eye on things.

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