Government Contractors + FedRAMP Authorized Cloud Services = A Perfect Match

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Government contractors and organizations that sell to the Federal government have relied on the FedRAMP Marketplace since its inception to quickly find the most secure and robust cloud service providers. Not only is it a fast and easy way to identify services with the highest level of security, it’s simply a requirement for most of their clients.

AMP, the Accessibility Management Platform by Level Access, is the only digital accessibility platform authorized by FedRAMP. It joins a list of over 230 SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products that have met the rigorous requirements of the program.

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Minimize risk to your data and your customers’ dat

To be authorized by FedRAMP, a cloud service provider must have 24/7/365 monitoring, monthly audits, regular penetration testing, and independent third-party audits to ensure security of the data touched by that program.

Gain a lifelong business partnership

FedRAMP authorized providers have business continuity and contingency plans to prove that they are ready to support your ongoing needs. Level Access has been helping organizations create inclusive digital experiences since 1999 and we plan to be around for as long as there are organizations that need our unique expertise!

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Meet the most rigorous security requirements

If you choose FedRAMP Authorized vendors, you can rest assured that your organization will be able to tick off the boxes for security requirements for any contract, big or small.

Gain a competitive advantage

With security and longevity of your accessibility management platform squared away, you can focus your time and money on what you do best and crush your competitors.

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Help clients maintain digital accessibility

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires that federal agencies, their contractors, and vendors make information and communications technology accessible to persons with disabilities. State and local governments adhere to this requirement as well. This means that accessibility is a constant hot topic for government agencies as a requirement they need help maintaining. Recommending Level Access and AMP to government clients will help contractors prove that they understand not only their accessibility requirements and goals but also their security needs.

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Ready to learn more?

AMP is the only digital accessibility platform authorized by FedRAMP. It joins a list of over 230 SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products that have met the rigorous requirements of the program.

Whether your clients are just beginning an accessibility journey or need to mature your existing processes and software, AMP can help you help them. Learn more about how AMP can help your public sector clients meet their accessibility goals.

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