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(Sessions listed in alphabetical order by day)

Wednesday Sessions

  • Accessibility Testing in Continuous Delivery Environments
  • Innovative Accessibility Design for Hardware with Closed Functionality
  • It’s More Than High Contrast: Designing for Users with Low Vision
  • Machine Learning: Where We’re At, But More Importantly, Where We’re Going
  • Ready for Take-Off! Designing ACAA Compliant Self-Service Kiosks
  • The D3 JavaScript Library and Accessible Data Visualization

Thursday Sessions

  • A11y Crash Course: Web Accessibility Basics Applied
  • Accessibility at eBay: An Enterprise Success Story
  • Accessible Cooking with the Instant Pot Using Bluetooth and iPhone Apps
  • Be L33t: Accessibility in Game Development
  • Beyond the Web: Accessibility in Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Web Accessibility Testing 101: A Checklist for Beginners
  • Win More Business! Report Product & Service Accessibility Using VPAT® 2.1

Friday Sessions

  • A11Y Matters: Effective UX Design Includes Accessibility
  • ADA and the Internet – Legal Update
  • From the Ground Up: Building in Accessibility at the Wireframe Stage
  • In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data: Part Deux
  • Live Demo: Making a Web Video Accessible
  • You Down with RTT? Making Real-Time Text Accessible to Deaf-Blind Users


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