Accessibility Barriers and Best Practices for Banking Websites

Online and mobile banking has streamlined many aspects of finance, making it easier than ever for people to manage their money from home or on the go. However, inaccessible banking platforms can prevent individuals with disabilities from reaping the benefits of systems that are intended to create convenience. And by failing to provide accessible digital experiences, banks don’t just exclude valuable clients, they also risk becoming the target of a lawsuit.  

The first step to ensuring that your bank’s technology is accessible to all users? Identifying where the issues lie. Request our guide, “Accessibility Barriers & Best Practices for Banking Websites,” to learn about 10 common accessibility bugs found on banking websites and apps. We’ve also provided actionable tips for resolving these errors to create seamless experiences for all users.  

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Make modern banking tools work for all customers

Request this guide to learn about:

  • The different types of access that banks need to provide to customers
  • How to evaluate the accessibility of your bank’s website
  • The most common barriers to usability that people with disabilities encounter in banking technology
  • How to address and prevent accessibility bugs in your bank’s digital products

Accessible banking is critical to privacy and security

Finance is typically treated as a personal matter for a reason. But if banking platforms don’t provide customers with accessible experiences, people with disabilities are required to share sensitive information, such as PINs and account statements, with others. This not only violates individuals’ privacy, but also compromises the security of their accounts. Request our full guide to learn more about why banks have an obligation to prioritize digital accessibility, and how to get started.

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