Webinar: Quick Tips for Writing Meaningful Alt Text (Even If You’re Not a Writer)

Alternative text is a key part of making a website accessible to people who are blind or low vision. Without alt text, these users will not get the same information as sighted users. While alt text seems fairly easy, many people struggle to write meaningful alt text, especially on a tight schedule.

On-Demand Webinar

Happy picture and pencil work together to make great alt text

In this webinar:

  • Review when alt text is and is not needed
  • Learn two questions to ask that practically write the alt text for you
  • Get tips on how to write alt text for artsy images and executive photos
  • Dive in and write alt text in the chat room with us!
  • This was a fun, interactive webinar and even though you couldn’t join us live, you can access the resources now!

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