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Original Presentation: June 11, 2020

Design Systems help us drive better products to market faster. By pulling out well-designed components for reuse on future products vs. reinventing the wheel every time, those proven and tested components can then propagate across product teams for increased consistency and efficiency in design.

In this Featherstone and Friends Series webinar, Chief Experience Officer Derek Featherstone talks with design systems and user experience advocate, speaker, author and consultant Jina Ann. Derek and Jina share stories and valuable insights from decades of work with design systems and accessibility, including:

  • Why accessibility makes a good design system even better
  • Best practices for building accessibility into your design systems
  • Lessons learned from experience – what worked and what didn’t

Webinar resources include the recorded presentation and CART transcript.

About the Presenters

Derek Featherstone
Chief Experience Officer, Level Access

Derek is an internationally known speaker, practitioner and authority on accessibility and inclusive design. He has been working on the web since 1999, when he left his career as a high school teacher to start his own web design company. Derek is focused on ensuring that accessibility and inclusion are an integral part of creating outstanding customer experiences. He teaches teams accessibility concepts and skills, and leads hands-on workshops with teams of all sizes to  incorporate accessibility and inclusive design processes into UX and service design practice and development methodologies.

Jina Anne
Design Systems Advocate, Sushi & Robots 
Jina is a passionate advocate, consultant, speaker, and author on design systems, visual design, and user experience. At Salesforce, she was lead designer and founding team member on the Lightning Design System. At Apple, she led the CSS architecture and style guide for the Apple Online Store redesign. Jina co-authored the Design Systems Handbook, Fancy Form Design, and The Art & Science of CSS, and has written articles for publications including A List Apart, 24 Ways, The Pastry Box, Sitepoint, net Magazine, and Treehouse. She organizes Clarity, the premiere Design Systems conference, runs the Design Systems Slack with over 14,000 members, and curates the Design Systems publication on Medium.