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Original Presentation Date: March 27, 2018

Digital accessibility lawsuits reached an all-time high in 2017 and legal experts predict the trend will continue in 2018. What can your organization do to minimize the risk of costly litigation—and the bad publicity that goes with it?

In this FREE on-demand webinar, Level Access walks you through recent cases and legal trends in digital accessibility that your telecom organization needs to know about. From the recent explosion of ADA lawsuits regarding websites to the Department of Justice’s decision to abandon plans to regulate website accessibility, we translate the legalese into English and help you reduce your organization’s legal risk.

Key topics include

  • What recent ADA lawsuits mean for your organization—including cases that aren’t against telecom companies
  • How the Department of Justice’s decision not to pursue website accessibility regulations will likely lead to increased litigation
  • Why legislative proposals to limit accessibility suits are unlikely to affect digital accessibility litigation
  • How to get your organization started on the road to accessibility