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On-Demand Webinar Series

This eight-part series covers core PDF accessibility concepts in convenient 30-minute sessions. All webinars in the series are available on-demand and include the recorded presentation, transcript, and slides. Please use the form below to access the resources for the entire series, and if you’re looking for more document accessibility training check out the InDesign Accessibility Basics Series and MS Word Accessibility Basics Series.

Original Presentation Dates: September 2017 – January 2018

PDF Accessibility Basics: Functionality – Part I and Part II

The first two webinars focus on how to use Adobe Acrobat DC to create and remediate documents for accessibility. Part I discusses the Tools/Task Pane, the Navigation Pane, Hierarchy of Tasks, the Tags Panel, Generating Tags Automatically, and Adding Tags Manually. Part II focuses on Creating Tags from Selection, Finding Tags from Selection, using the Action Wizard Tool, the Order Panel, the Touch Up Reading Order Tool, and the Content Panel.

Read the Q&A from Part II

PDF Accessibility Basics: Metadata, Reading Order, and Links

In this webinar, we looks at Metadata information, including language and document title, identifying correct reading order and remediating reading order, and creating and editing links within the tags tree.

Q&A from the Metadata Webinar

PDF Accessibility Basics: Non-Text Elements

The Non-Text Elements webinar demonstrates adding informative alternative text to meaningful images, alternative text for symbols, and creating artifacts.

Q&A from the Non-Text Elements Webinar

PDF Accessibility Basics: Data Tables

The Data Tables webinar focuses on tagging simple and complex tables using the Touch Up Reading Order Table Editor tool.

Q&A from the Data Tables Webinar

PDF Accessibility Basics: Forms

In the forms webinar, participants learn how to create accessible text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons. We also discuss best practices for adding labels and form controls.

Q&A from the Forms Webinar

PDF Accessibility Basics: Page Structure

In this webinar, participants will learn how to review and edit role mappings for custom styles, use correct heading structure, and correctly tag changes in natural language.

Q&A from the Page Structure Webinar

PDF Accessibility Basics: Accessibility Checker

The Accessibility Checker webinar demonstrates how to use the PDF Action Wizard as well as the PDF Full Check tool. Participants learn how to analyze results of an accessibility full check in order to create an accessible PDF document.

Q&A from the Accessibility Checker Webinar