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AMP Spring 2012 is scheduled to be released on Friday, May 25, 2012. We are very excited about the enhancements that have been made to AMP, including the addition of many key features! SSB’s primary goal is to provide AMP subscribers with the solutions, knowledge and guidance to facilitate all aspects of accessibility compliance testing.

The release of Spring 2012 will provide a new tab structure to the industry-leading “AMP Learning Center”. AMP subscribers will have the added benefit of accessing SSB’s expertise by way of self-paced courses, technology platforms, standards and reference. In addition to the new tab structure, the self-paced courses have been grouped by categories, allowing a user to easily identify the course material that is relevant to their needs.

  • The Best Practices tab provides a categorized listing of Compliance Standards. This tab allows a user to select a given standard (or subset of the standard), and obtain a listing of all the Best Practices associated with that standard.
  • The Technologies tab provides users with a listing of technology platforms. A user can then select a given technology and obtain a listing of all the Best Practices associated with that technology.

Spring 2012 Key Features:

AMP Toolbar for Firefox

An extension of Firebug, the AMP Toolbar for Firefox is offered exclusively by SSB BART Group. The AMP Toolbar for Firefox allows users to test content directly within Firefox, which results in the ability to test any and all content accessible through Firefox.

The AMP Toolbar for Firefox also provides for a direct integration with the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP). AMP users now have the added benefit of utilizing the Firefox Toolbar to conduct browser based testing that leverages AMP’s Best Practice content. The Best Practice content provides guidance and instruction on what the user must do in order to complete the necessary testing tasks. Testing results are easily captured and updated within AMP in real time.

Highlighted Functionality

  • Test Results in the Browser – Test results are provided instantly to the user directly within the browser. The results are also simultaneously uploaded to the user specified report within AMP. This provides for the test results to be stored centrally in a collaborative environment.
  • Direct Access to Manual Testing Tree – The AMP Toolbar for Firefox presents users with our Manual Testing Tree for guidance on completing the manual testing process. Users may take advantage of AMP’s Best Practice Library for step by step testing guidance.
  • Upload a Module – Now users can access existing reports within AMP to perform manual testing. This is performed by the Upload Module feature on the toolbar, which provides the most optimal manual testing environment ensuring accuracy of results and diligence to the accessibility standards.

Mobile Best Practices

There has been an increased awareness in the area of mobile accessibility. As of the Spring 2012 release, AMP provides Mobile Best Practices for both Andriod OS and iOS. The mobile best practices allow users to test conformance of iOS and Android applications with the following standards:

  • Section 508
  • WCAG
  • Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0

The Mobile Best Practices provide the knowledge and expertise to test both native mobile apps and mobile web (HTML) applications.


The AMP toolbox provides a single source for testers to access the tools available as part of their AMP license. The tool box is updated often to include solutions that provide additional support in specific areas of accessibility testing.

The toolbox includes the AMP Desktop client, AMP Toolbars and other tools, such as the Color Contrast Checker. The Color Contrast Checker provides a quick and easy method for testing color combinations for validity under leading accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guideline’s (WCAG) 2.0 requirements.