A man with a white cane and a woman stand in front of an oversized smartphone that is translating text into speech
Level Access Podcast: Introduction to Assistive Technology, with guest Sarah Schaidt (Episode #001)

In the last several months, digital accessibility has become more of a priority for many industries as people have begun to socialize, shop, work, manage.

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Microsoft Teams Logo
JAWS for Windows Scripts Available to Make Microsoft Teams More Effective for Screen Reader Users

In our increasingly remote work environment, communication and collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams (Teams) and Slack have become essential everyday tools to stay connected.

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person using various apps on a mobile phone
Mobile Assistive Technology Overview

Get an overview of the types of assistive technologies (AT) used by people with disabilities on mobile devices, and isee live demonstrations of them in use.

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911 icon
Text-to-911 Now Available in Los Angeles County Enabling the Hearing and Speech Impaired

The strobe lights of your smoke alarm start flashing. You’re alone, but you know what to do. Get to the TTY, ASAP. But tonight, that’s.

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A multi-page document labeled PDF
Tagging Complex Tables

Complex Tables are to be avoided at all cost, as I stated in yesterday’s post, The Trouble with Tables: A Brief Introduction. The reason is that.

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Retail store icon
Retailers, Take Note: Putting a Price Tag on Lack of Digital Accessibility

The Click-Away Pound Survey studied online shopping in the United Kingdom by customers with disabilities. The 2016 report revealed some startling numbers: 71% of shoppers.

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A smartphone with a grid of colorful app icons on the screen. Other app icons are in bubbles surrounding the phone.
Assistive Technology for Users with Mobility Disabilities: Android Switch Access

Welcome to the final post in this short series on assistive technology for users with mobility disabilities. Today, we focus on Android Switch Access. For the previous.

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W3C Logo
ARIA Widget Checklist: For Screen Reader Testing

Introduction One of the most significant challenges with ARIA support is determining support level differences between assistive technology and browser combinations, and doing so in.

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A man uses an iPad that is mounted to his wheelchair
Assistive Technology for Users with Mobility Disabilities: iOS Switch Control

The iOS Switch Control accessibility feature is built-in to iOS and can be used with a variety of Bluetooth switches, Bluetooth keyboards, and the iOS.

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A variety of mobile devices showing all sorts of apps
Computer and Mobile Phone Access for People with Mobility Disabilities

Users with mobility disabilities access computers and mobile phones in an array of ways. These users include people who use wheelchairs, people with limited manual.

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