The 2020 State of Digital Accessibility Report
Webinar: The State of Digital Accessibility in 2020

Level Access Founder & CEO Tim Springer shares hard data and insights on digital accessibility trends, new developments, and key projections for the year ahead.

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Self-service kiosk
Ensuring Accessible Self-Service Experiences

Self-service tablets and kiosks can be found in just about every industry, from self-check-in at the doctor’s office to self-checkout at the grocery store. Due to COVID-19, more organizations are exploring self-service options to help their customers and employees maintain physical distance whenever possible.

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woman with mobile phone surrounded by icons for mobile app
Banking for Good: FirstBank’s Organizational Approach to Digital Accessibility

Learn from FirstBank’s experiences and get practical guidance on developing and implementing a plan that works for your organization.

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Several screens showing financial services websites and apps
Value-Based Accessibility for Financial Services Companies

Learn how a value-based approach to accessibility can help organizations of all sizes in creating a lean, cost-effective practice of user-centered design, development, and project management. We’ll review case studies from some of Level Access’ clients in the financial industry, both large and small, and how they gained immediate benefits by integrating these accessibility techniques into their existing processes.

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A quizzical man looks at a screen showing an image of a bank, and online banking apps. An email notification looms large in the upper right corner
ADA Demand Letters and Settlements in Banking

This guide, developed specifically for the banking industry, features insights on the current legal climate, risks for financial institutions, and guidance on crafting a win-win.

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Retail and financial applications on a computer
What Financial Services Institutions Need to Know About Web Accessibility

Original Presentation Date: April 1, 2019 In this webinar for the banking and financial services industries, CEO Tim Springer discusses: Why financial institutions should pay.

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Making Tax Preparation Software Accessible to People with Disabilities

This article is the final in a four-part series about accessible technology for the financial industry. Read Part One – Making Online Banking and ATMs Accessible to.

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financial applications ion a mobile phone
Making Financial Apps Accessible to People with Disabilities

Banking from home is one thing, but how great is it that we can trade stocks on the beach or manage a 401k while sitting.

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Making Investing and Wealth Management Accessible to People with Disabilities

People don’t have to phone in to buy and sell stocks and bonds anymore. This has been great for the Deaf community, and many others,.

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The scales of justice
At Least Nine Credit Unions to Face Digital Accessibility Lawsuits

Since mid-September, a Virginia man has filed a series of lawsuits against at least nine credit unions for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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