New Lawsuit Against A ‘Certified’ Accessibility Overlay Customer

On September 17, San Francisco’s Lighthouse for the Blind filed suit against a major HR software and services provider for products and services that are.

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ADA Compliance: What’s the Basic Defense Strategy?

A basic approach and strategy to avoid or defend an ADA lawsuit for a non-compliant website or mobile app that is not accessible to users with disabilities.

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Mobile phone, tablet, and laptop displaying wheelchair symbol and "ADA"
ADA Compliance: How Does the ADA Apply to a Website?

This is post #16 in the ADA Compliance Series, which aims to outline a structure for validating and justifying a claim of “ADA compliance” for.

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Person using a laptop surrounded by icons representing privacy notifications
ADA Compliance: What About Privacy Implications?

An overview of the implications of inaccessible terms of use and privacy banners on a website.

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Magnifying glass looking at legal documents
ADA Compliance: What Policies, Procedures, and Practices are Required?

The primary request in most ADA lawsuits is for injunctive relief from the court to force the defendant to change their corporate policies, practices, and procedures to ensure their websites are accessible.

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person reading legal documents
ADA Compliance: What’s the Breakdown of a Claim in an ADA Lawsuit?

An overview of common claims we see in ADA lawsuits pertaining to web site accessibility.

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Courthouse, legal documents, and judges gavel
ADA Compliance: What Do We See In Lawsuits?

An overview of digital accessibility lawsuits under the ADA – what they’re alleging and what they’re asking for.

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Laptop, mobile phone, and tablet, behind the scales of justice. Laptop screen displays "ADA"
ADA Demand Letters and Settlements: What You Need to Know in 2020

Learn what to do if you receive a complaint that your website isn’t ADA compliant, plus steps you can take now to avoid getting one in the first place.

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ADA Compliance for Websites and Mobile Devices
ADA Compliance: What Does “ADA Compliant” Mean for a Website?

For decades, we’ve had one question in the digital accessibility industry: what does “ADA compliant” mean for my website, mobile app, or other technology?” This post kicks off the ADA Compliance Series, which aims aim to outline a structure for validating and justifying a claim of “ADA compliance” for a website or other digital system.

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A laptop with big books and a judge's gavel
As Predicted, the Supreme Court WILL NOT Hear the Domino’s v. Robles ADA Web Accessibility Case

Part IV of Level Access legal analysis on the Domino’s Pizza digital accessibility case

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