Agile Accessibility in Product Management

Accessibility has become a standard requirement for software procurement across industries. And with the right approach, prioritizing accessibility doesn’t have to come at the cost of speed-to-market.

By taking an agile approach—tackling accessibility early, often, and iteratively throughout the software development life cycle—product teams can efficiently and effectively deliver digital experiences that meet the needs of all users. Request our guide to agile accessibility in product management for a practical roadmap to implementing agile accessibility across your product organization.

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Accelerate accessibility, maximize product success

In our guide, you’ll learn:

  • What agile accessibility means in product management
  • The advantages of implementing an agile approach
  • Five steps to help product leaders adopt more efficient, effective digital accessibility processes
  • Guidance for securing cross-functional buy-in for agile accessibility

Reduce technical debt with a proactive digital accessibility practice

Addressing accessibility reactively is expensive. When product teams treat accessibility as an afterthought, products accumulate technical debt. To pay back this debt, developers must spend time remediating already built or live digital experiences instead of getting ahead on new projects. As a result, missed deadlines disrupt planned progress, and organizations face significant opportunity costs. Learn how to shift to a more proactive approach in our guide to agile accessibility in product management.

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