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Ukranian Flag

by Tim Springer – CEO, Level Access

Like many across the globe, the team here at Level Access watched anxiously as Russia assembled its military across the border from Ukraine this winter. The concern wasn’t abstract: members of our team live and work in Ukraine. We were shocked and dismayed when Russia invaded Ukraine. It was an unprovoked attack on a peaceful, sovereign country. The people of Ukraine had already suffered the outrage of a prior invasion by Russia in 2014, which led to the annexation of their southern region, Crimea. This invasion is the apex of decades of unchecked aggression by Russia.

Over the last few weeks our hearts have sunk further. The government of Russia has continued to prosecute it’s unjust and unjustifiable war.  We stand with the rest of the world in calling for an end to this invasion. We support Ukraine in its independence and the people of Ukraine in their fight for it.

In support of sanctions against Russia, we are refusing all traffic to our products from Russian IP addresses and cancelling any subscriptions to our services by Russian customers. We encourage our vendors and customers to do the same. It is our hope that, as the world unites against this unjust war, we’ll go further and remain united against all wars.

To learn more about how you can support the Ukrainian people, please visit these resources curated by Razom, a Ukrainian-American human rights organization: https://linktr.ee/razomforukraine.