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McLean, Virginia – April 7, 2011 – SSB BART Group (SSB) and TecAccess are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that allows SSB to expand its service offerings to include custom design and development services focused on accessible and compliant IT systems. This ensures SSB can provide support for clients throughout the entire life cycle of an IT system – from initial design through to deployment.

As part of the partnership, key TecAccess employees have transitioned over to work directly on the SSB team. TecAccess will remain a separate entity focusing on 8(a) work with US Federal Government customers. Current TecAccess customers can continue to work directly with TecAccess or transition their accessibility activities directly to SSB. Debra Ruh, an internationally recognized leader in the accessibility arena and a major advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities, will serve a dual role as the Chief Marketing Officer of SSB BART Group and CEO of TecAccess.

The partnership allows SSB to expand its team to ensure a continued level of exemplary service to the customers of both organizations. The combined staff provides the subject matter expertise to handle all of a customer’s accessibility needs. In-house staffing resources are supported by the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), SSB’s infrastructure for managing all aspects of a successful accessibility program. This ensures that clients receive the high quality of work they are accustomed to in a consistent and scalable fashion.

Both firms will continue to provide consulting services and infrastructure to address the accessibility needs of organizations. These services will focus on projects including web site and application development, eLearning development, portal development, usability and accessibility testing, social and emerging media consultations, mobile device accessibility and other technical projects.

About SSB BART Group

Since 1998, SSB BART Group (SSB) has supported the accessibility initiatives of more than 1000 organizations by developing software, training and consulting solutions to address the specific business and technical needs of the organizations most affected by accessibility requirements. SSB clients include Fortune 500 companies throughout a broad range of industries, educational institutions and leading government agencies. The creators of Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), software which provides the infrastructure to manage accessibility across the enterprise development life cycle, SSB is well known for their extensive and ongoing work across government and industry. SSB has invested more than 12 years developing the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), which delivers a comprehensive and rich set of features and functionality for meeting Section 508 and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance needs.

For more information about SSB BART Group, please contact Tim Springer, Chief Executive Officer, at tim.springer@ssbbartgroup.com or (415) 624-2705.

About TecAccess

TecAccess is a trusted, award winning, world class provider of accessibility consulting solutions. TecAccess understands the unique needs of business and how to protect organizations by reducing risk, while at the same time maximizing value and ROI based on crucial accessibility initiatives. Having led large multi-national clients over the past decade, TecAccess is positioned to help clients target one of the fastest growing market segments, people with disabilities and baby boomers, while reducing the risks associated with not being fully accessible to this spiking consumer group. TecAccess’ goal is to ensure that clients are aware of and prepared for mounting changes in accessibility and disability guidelines and mandates that impact Human Resources, IT, Business Development, and Risk Management departments. The TecAccess suite of services enables clients to exceed their goals by reducing risks while tapping into new markets.

For more information about TecAccess, please contact Debra Ruh, Founder and CEO of TecAccess, at druh@tecaccess.net or (804) 749-3565.