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In my last post in the Digital Accessibility Maturity Model (DAMM) Series I covered the Reasonable Accommodations Dimension of DAMM-HR. In this post I’ll discuss the Staff Evaluations Dimension, which measures the extent to which the organization has a defined process in place for evaluating staff competencies with respect to accessibility.


  • Staff Evaluation Process – The level of maturity associated with analyzing staff competency with respect to accessibility.
  • Job Descriptions – Organizational maturity regarding the creation and implementation of job descriptions.


  • Job Description Catalog – an internal catalog of job descriptions used for recruiting and promotion purposes.
  • Reviews – employees’ reviews which contain an assessment of whether they are meeting compliance requirements related to accessibility as per their job description.
  • Performance Improvement Plans – Documentation of attempts to improve skills of employees who have not met compliance requirements related to accessibility as per their job descriptions.

Maturity Levels

Level 1 – Initial

  • Minimal processes in place for evaluating job performance pertaining to accessibility.
  • Approach to analyzing job performance is inconsistent and one-off, reactive to the situation, with no repeatable underlying process or standards.
  • Performance improvement plans and job descriptions, if any, do not address accessibility competency.
  • There is poor organizational understanding of accessibility requirements for each job description type.

Level 2 – Managed

  • Job descriptions have adequate documentation pertaining to accessibility.
  • Performance improvement plans address accessibility.
  • Accessibility retraining documentation is maintained for employees who are terminated when failure to meet the level of accessibility competency required by their job description is listed as a reason for termination.
  • Accessibility competency is a weighted factor in job reviews, and directly impacts salaries increases and bonuses.

Level 3 – Defined

  • A periodic staff skills review process including accessibility is defined, documented, and is in consistent use in the organization.
  • The employee on-boarding process includes assessment of accessibility competency and recommended training.

Level 4 – Quantitatively Managed

  • Performance data, metrics, and trending data pertaining to staff competency in accessibility compliance are reviewed on a regular basis for training opportunities.
  • Cases where recommended accessibility training is not successfully completed are escalated.
  • Personnel competency feedback is provided to the Accessibility Program Office, financial and budgeting groups, legal, etc.

Level 5 – Optimizing

  • New approaches to recruiting staff with accessibility competencies are developed.
  • Staff are actively consulted on and engaged in process improvement plans.

Coming Up

In my next post I’ll discuss the DAMM Audit which is used to:

  • Provide benchmark-quality ratings of an organization’s current accessibility program;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s current accessibility processes;
  • Reveal development/acquisition risks; and
  • Determine overall accessibility capability and maturity level ratings.